For the student or fan of African music, especially those outside of Africa, there’s an absolutely massive amount of material to be learned or experienced. Differences in culture, language, and aesthetics can make music from far away places less accessible and harder to understand than what you’ve grown up hearing, even when the sound of it powerfully moves you. But, with enough time, practice, and experience, any music, from any culture, can become just as natural as your own mothertongue, which I can tell you from personal experience. My hope is that this site helps you find whatever you need to make this transformation yourself!

Cultural Information:

For info on different African tribes, regions, languages, religions, etc. click here.

Musical Information:

For general information on music, including what to listen for to get the most out of different kinds of African music, click here. Also includes detailed analytical discussion of various aspects of African music that play key roles in different ways.

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