The Journey Begins

Posted: December 20, 2012 in General

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. This is my first time making a blog or website, so I hope it turns out ok…I’m not even sure if this program and template will do everything I want it to, but it seems alright for now. The goal, of course, is to make a comprehensive set of resources for anyone interested in African music (as described on the Home page), including links to audio and video, an image gallery, information on different elements of traditional music, some looks at contemporary African music, bios and contact info for teachers and performers in different areas, links to partner sites with useful information, a store for music and instruments, resources for instrument builders, etc.

So you see I have high hopes for what can be done eventually. It might take a while, but I think a website like that is very possible, even for someone without previous blogging experience. Of course, Africa is also a huge continent, so there’s no way to do justice to all the different kinds of music there, much less the greater diaspora. How about we just start with music from Zimbabwe and Mozambique? That’s where most of my personal expertise lies, and I’ve been looking for a one-stop useful online resource for that music for years. Once a foundation is established, hopefully it’ll be easier to add content for other African musical traditions as well. For a while the blog might seem a little one-sided, but eventually I want to expand it to something much bigger, including full sets of resources for all types of African music. So wish me luck! Also, if you’re reading this now, you might want to come back in a week or two once I’ve got more content up. Thanks!

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