The goal of this site is to help anyone interested in African music enrich their experience and understanding, as well as connect with others who share their interest. African musical traditions are many and varied, yet they often share certain fundamental features. The music is usually passed down by oral tradition, which can make it difficult for someone elsewhere in the world to learn it without personal access to a teacher, and also difficult for people within the culture to maintain their traditions when faced with Western globalization.


As longtime students ourselves, we’ve each been through struggles to find useful information that relates to our interests or can help our growth, especially since some of these traditions are rapidly disappearing. However, there’s actually a wealth of resources available, many of them online, if you have the patience to dig through tons of different sources and websites. Instead of making others go through that painstaking process, we want to gather the all best content, either uploaded or linked, and present it in a way that’s accessible to everyone from casual listeners and students to serious performers or scholars. Hopefully this will not only increase your enjoyment of African music, but also help preserve the traditions and help give the musicians more opportunities to teach and perform.


Since the main contributors at the moment have their background in the music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, that will be the main focus for the time being, although we’re already starting to add basics for West African drumming as well. Check out the different pages up top for information about mbira, djembe, hosho, matepe, njari, and other traditional instruments and styles. In the future, as contributors with more varied backgrounds join us, you can expect content about all different kinds of African music. If you’re interested in sharing your insights, contact us by email at andemarimba@gmail.com

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